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Best 420 Cannabis Hemp Tours

Best 420 Cannabis Hemp Tours

Why 420 Cannabis Tours?

Our Hemp Tours have visited and examined over 150 cannabis dispensaries in the area. Using the multi-tier grading system that we created, we picked out what we consider to be the best dispensaries in the area for our client’s enjoyment. Our Tours have taken the guesswork out of having to figure out where the best marijuana dispensaries are for someone to acquire their cannabis products for both tourists and locals alike. Also, we have worked out exclusive agreements with the dispensaries on our tours in which our customers receive a real amazing discount on their cannabis purchases at the dispensaries we visit.

We offer our clients a clean, safe, professional, and discrete experience that separates us from other tour company’s. Our luxury-limo party bus is a new custom-designed vehicle. There are no other party buses in this area that offer both and specifically designed for cannabis tours. Our party bus was upgraded and equipped with custom upholstered party arranged seating, a refrigerator, USB ports, Bluetooth, Spotify, disco lights, flat-screen TV, illuminated cup holders, trash dispensers, terrific air-conditioning, and an amazing sound system. Snacks, soft drinks, and bottled water are complimentary with every tour.

Everyone that has taken a tour adventure has told us that our tours went above and beyond all of their expectations and was “the best tour they have ever taken”….. as can be seen in our reviews. We have created the most dynamic tours in your area, and we can also facilitate any private party, private tour, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, private event, or private night out on the town experience.

Our tours are truly a first-class ticket into the introduction of the cannabis industry and the fantastic sights and scenes Denver has to offer. Michelle and Travis are both natives and have over 100 years of living experience in this area between the two of them. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, educational, and scenic adventure that no other tour can offer. We take our clients to both the popular tourist locations….. and places that are off the radar….. that only a local native would know about. Book now…. for what will probably be the best tour you will ever do!